Graded Ballet: 5 to 18 Years

Ballet students learn curriculum set by the Royal Academy of Dance. The Curriculum is designed for each age level. Each level of graded ballet is progressive and builds on the skills acquired in the previous level, but dancers may join at any grade until Grade 3 Ballet. The dance vocabulary is taught carefully through certified teachers. Each child's age and physical capabilities dictate the level at which they dance. Students who participate in graded ballet lessons may also be invited to take examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance.

Grade 1 Ballet: Grade 2 at school
Grade 2 Ballet: Grade 3 at school
Grade 3 Ballet: Grade 4 at school
For New Registration for Grade 4 and 5 Ballet, please email us at

What to Wear: Bodysuit, convertible pink tights, ballet shoes, and hair in a bun. Character shoes will also be required. Graded Ballet students will be required to purchase a bodysuit from Langley Dance Academy. Each grade is given a different colour for the year and these bodysuits will be worn in all RAD Ballet Exams and Classes.

Vocational Ballet Program: 10 to 18 Years

The Vocational levels are created by the Royal Academy of Dance. These levels of training are designed for the dancer who would like to train more seriously. Dancers train in both pointe and soft shoes. The emphasis is on classical technique. Dancers move through these levels as they achieve successful results through examination. For New Registration for all Vocational Ballet, please email us at