Shooting Stars 

Shooting Stars is a month long program which offers an introduction to dance, theatre, creative play, and performance.

Each Shooting Star session will include 4 lessons meeting once a week for four weeks.

Students participate in a 45 minute dance lesson to start each class (either Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, or Tap dependent on the session) and then participate in a 45-minute theatre performance class. 
Who is it for? Any child who would like to dance! No experience is necessary.

Ages: Ages 3-6

How long are classes? 
Each Shooting Star class is 1.5 hours.

Cost: $125 per session (registration fee will be waived for all Shooting Stars sessions)

What do they wear? Comfortable, tight-fitting clothes which they can move in easily.  Leggings and a T-shirt or Shorts and a T-shirt are recommended. If your dancer has a bodysuit and a dance skirt, this is also perfect. Please keep in mind students will wear costumes in the second half of class over top of their clothes; clothing that is tight fitting makes this much easier for the dancer.
What shoes do they wear? Dance shoes are not required, but if you have dance shoes, ballet slippers, jazz slippers, or gymnastic slippers, please wear them. If not, socks or bare feet work wonderfully.

When is class? Saturdays from 12:30-2:00pm

How do I register? Find your session below and register today!

Available Sessions in 2017-18:

Magic Spell (Jazz/ Hip Hop): February 10 to March 3